Bad or good timing?

Tutinichapa II - a three year old landslide

Tutinichapa II - a three year old landslide

I am fortunate enough to be in El Salvador right now gathering information to inform my thesis. Although it stopped raining today around 4:00 where I am, it has been raining for more than 48 hours in El Salvador.

I came to El Salvador because I am interested in a metropolitan-wide sinkhole condition that is caused by human-made water systems. There are three types of systems: potable water, sewer and storm water systems. Right now the storm water systems are overflowing and causing new sinkholes to form, tearing down bridges and flooding communities.

The emergency has thrown a wrench into some of my plans because my guides are busy attending to the emergency and it isn’t exactly a great idea to go to a community that is prone to storm water related disasters. I will say that is is eye opening to see this quantity of water fall in person. I hope that people are able to stay out of harm’s way.

Tim of Tim’s El Salvador Blog has a well written post about the storm in English.

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