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registered rain fall during 168 hours of tropical depression in El Salvador - source SNET

registered rain fall during 168 hours of tropical depression in El Salvador - source SNET

Source: SNET

Now, more than ever, it is time to take the environment seriously. All of Central America has suffered during the last week of unprecedented rains. More than 47 inches of rain has fallen on the country during the last week and it is still raining. This is a record amount for El Salvador and it is greater than the 39 inches that fell during Hurricane Mitch in 1998. As a comparison, Minneapolis receives an average of 32 inches of rain per year.

There are preventative measures in existence today that can help mitigate environmental risks. It is time to start using them!

According to the article entitled Lluvias sobre América Central son efecto del cambio climático (Central American rains are an effect of climate change), the rain fall phenomenon in Central America during the last week was caused by climate change:

“Climate change is not something that is coming, we are suffering it, this rain storm is more evidence of the vulnerability that is bringing us to unknown levels of being affected, with which our society are going to have to live through.” , declared Raúl Artiga to the AFP, technician of the Central American Commission of environment and development (CCAD).

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Herman Rosa Chavez, the Minister of Environment in El Salvador said,

“We have climactic disorder, the 60s and 70s had the impact of one atmospheric phenomenon in every decade, then in the eighties there were two, in the 90s four, between 2000 and 2010 and were seven events and this new decade we have the first event and the question is how many are going to be?”, explained Rosa Chávez.

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