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Scalies and architectural renderings

scale people

Image of scale figures from

The New York Times published an article about architectural renderings and scale people (scalies). The article included this quote from Geoff Manaugh

“The funny thing is how it has become its own subgenre,” he continued. “You can take the most random rendering and just stick in a few people — someone listening to an iPod, somebody reading a newspaper, maybe a couple holding hands, some guy playing an acoustic guitar. Suddenly it’s meant to make the entire building beyond critique; it’s already part of our city.”

Scalies aside, what else do we do to make architectural renderings represent a design idea?

Via: Arts & Arch/LA Librarian Information Exchange

Melting wax models

Melting wax models by Laurie McGinley

Melting wax models, originally uploaded by Laurie McGinley.

light, form, transparency and density

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