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Blitz #1 portfolio review

Video response to our first assignment:
Music by Zoe Keating

Version 1

Today the idea is:

I want to use the tool of photography in order to understand way finding in un-programed spaces.

Blue Mosque Courtyard steps

Courtyard steps by Laurie McGinley

Courtyard steps, originally uploaded by Laurie McGinley.

Photography is a private art. Most of the artistic decisions made in the photographing process are intensely private. They happen within the photographer’s mind and remain in the view finder.

What would happen if these decisions could be more public? Could we edit frames in a public space? Would this engage people? Would the projection itself engage people?

pathway of desire

pathway of desire: the path created when a critical mass of people cut across a lawn and kill the grass; the most beautiful route; the most direct route

University Ave and Snelling Ave. St. Paul, MN

University Ave and Snelling Ave.  by lmgotera

University Ave and Snelling Ave. , originally uploaded by lmgotera.

7:45 a.m., September 14, 2010

aligned blend

aligned blend by lmgotera

aligned blend, originally uploaded by lmgotera.

How many more layers can I add. This image was 16 photographs.

Hennepin Avenue

Hennepin Avenue by lmgotera

Hennepin Avenue, originally uploaded by lmgotera.

Hennepin Avenue traffic

Bosphorus traffic

Bosphorus traffic by lmgotera

Bosphorus traffic, originally uploaded by lmgotera.

Time lapse on the Bosphorus in Istanbul from the Galata Tower.

Mawlid an Nabi celebration in Sultanahmet

Testing reactions to projections in public spaces.

Southern entrance to the Blue Mosque just after the last prayer of the Mawlid an Nabi celebration in Istanbul.

Bosporus Bridge

Bosporus Bridge by lmgotera

Bosporus Bridge, originally uploaded by lmgotera.

How can one frame convey movement?

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