László Moholy-Nagy was a painter who experimented with photography as a means to expand his painting ability. He also looked to photographic methods to explain architecture. He is most famous for creating photograms.

“Openings and boundaries, perforations and moving surfaces, carry the periphery to the centre, and push the centre outward. A constant fluctuation, sideways and upwards, radiating, all-sided, announces that man has taken possession, so far as his human capacities and conceptions allow, of imponderable, invisible and yet omnipresent space.”

László Moholy-Nagy in From Material to Architecture

“‘From the point of view of the subject, space can be experienced most directly by movement, on a higher level, in the dance. The dance is an elemental means for realization of space-creative impulses. It can articulate space, order it.’ The subject in motion experiences space, and simultaneously actively manipulates it.”

László Moholy-Nagy in Moholy-Nagy: Photographs and Photograms; pp. 29

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